Sponsorship is a collective and an important work in which the donor supports one of the orphans by offering him a monthly financial assistance for: food, clothing, medicine, education …

In addition to the financial support, our program focuses also on the moral support for the orphan and his family. But it should be noted that this does not mean adoption. The orphan must live and develop in his familial surrounding.

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What is the monthly amount for the sponsorship?

Fifty Dinars (50D) is the lowest amount to provide the child with the basic needs, additionally you can donate a supplementary help on the occasion of one of the feasts and this comes through the Association.


What is the period of sponsorship?

It’s advisable that the sponsorship lasts until the child grows up, but it should not be less than 6 months.

If you want to stop supporting, whatever the reason, please try to inform us as soon as  possible so as we can find another new sponsor to carry on sponsoring the orphan.

How to be a sponsor?

This is one of the easiest tasks; you have just to fill in the application form prepared for the purpose and to return it back to the Association, which will provide you with the orphaned child’s folder.


Is it possible to communicate with the sponsored orphan?

Of course you can communicate with him or his family via the telephone if it’s available, or through the Association. It is possible to correspond with him in written, the Association can provide you with an annual report.


How your monthly payments will be?

  • It is through automatic deduction from your account to avoid inattention or delay.
  • It is through the Association’s postal account.
  • It is through direct donations in the Association’s location.