View, values and goals

1. The Association’s View:

To focus on solidarity which is in favor of the neediest orphans. This comes through granting then all the opportunities to build a happy and dignified life and future.


2. The Association’s Values:

To consolidate values that we believe in such as: responsibility, autonomy, fairness and respect:

  • Responsibility towards the donors and that’s by donating with transparency and fairness.
  • Responsibility towards the beneficiaries and that’s by providing them with the most suitable help that they need.
  • Transparency while dealing with others with respect to law.
  • Protection of the dignity and value of the person benefiting, that’s by helping the neediest and orphaned children in a fair method.

 3. The Association’s goals:

  • Assistance of the orphans as much as possible and helping them to build their future.
  • The establishment of projects for their use.
  • Building cooperation relationships with other national and international associations.
  • Making the Association an example to be followed by others.